They talk about us

"Working with OSCARS is a real pleasure! Thanks to their expertise, professionalism and flexibility, we were able to develop "TomTom Geospatial" for Oracle products."
Bart De Wolf - TomTom
"When implementing a geographic data production system, the expertise of OSCARS in Oracle Spatial enabled us to solve problems that stood in our way, regarding calculation and the correction of topology. So we were able to deliver our system to our customer on time."
Jean-Michel Thilliez - Thales.
"For several years now, Olivier Dubois has shown real expertise in implementing innovative solutions that efficiently exploit Oracle technology in GIS. The double competence (GIS and Oracle) of OSCARS is a major advantage when it comes to exploiting the spatial dimension of our customers’ data."
Albert Godfrind - Oracle Corporation
"For several years, OSCARS has been a strategic partner of Oracle University for giving Spatial courses. This collaboration allows us to satisfy not only our customers on the Belgian market but throughout Europe."
Nathalie Mariscal - Oracle University
"We needed the services of a specialist in geomatics because the tool we wished to develop had to be much larger scale than the project. OSCARS is not only the point of reference for Oracle expertise in Belgium, but its international experience really makes a difference, and interests us greatly."
André Jonlet - NSI
"The Metropolitan Council of Lille called on the expertise of OSCARS SA in order to consolidate its Infrastructure of Geographical Data, thereby ensuring its internal response to interoperability concerns. The contribution from OSCARS will enable a progressive but considerable implantation of geographical information transversally in the various components of the IT system of the Metropolitan Council of Lille. The experience and specialisation of OSCARS in terms of spatial data but also, generally, for Oracle have enabled the Metropolitan Council of Lille to enhance skills, ranging from the DBA to the mapping project leader. Future work will develop a service oriented approach, particularly in the perspective of mobile web applications..."
Aurélien Brietz - Lille Métropole
"Through collaboration between Autodesk Consulting and Oscars, we came to appreciate first and foremost the experts’ high level of Oracle expertise; they were both proactive and well informed. Their know-how in implementing structured and effective IT systems is definitely an advantage for the fruitful integration of data from Autodesk technology, particularly AutoCAD and AutoCAD Map."
Autodesk France
"For all the courses, maintenance and Oracle expertise, particularly in the spatial dimension, entrusted to OSCARS SA, the General Council of the Meuse particularly appreciates the company’s prompt reactivity and the efficient solutions they found for problems encountered. We particularly appreciate their staff’s professionalism and high level of expertise and their attentiveness to us during discussions."
Bruno Nicoll - CG55