Added value packages


Different packages


DBAUTIL is a tool allowing you to validate and standardise your data so that your database is homogeneous, valid and certified! You set the coordinate system, the spatial extent of your data, the tolerance, etc and then validate and standardise your data. If validation errors exist, you will be notified and be able to correct your data to produce a valid and certified database. This is the basis of any interoperable and efficient GIS!



KML REST Webservices

KML REST Webservices is a tool which makes it possible to offer a REST KML service using a database. Following a simple configuration, it becomes possible to integrate Oracle SDO_GEOMETRY data directly into Google Earth. It is also becomes possible to work with 3D data.

Oracle Snapshot

The Oracle Snapshot tool makes it possible to conduct a rapid audit of a database by executing automatic scripts. This tool is based on an existing solution with the addition of specific scripts to analyse the Oracle Spatial components in the database. This tool makes it possible to obtain an overall view of the database:  rights management, performance, data status, data models, etc. 
It supplements existing Oracle tools such as the Oracle console, snapshot tools, RDA, trace, etc.


Raster Loader, Shape Loader, PC/TIN Loader and ODF Loader

Raster Loader, Shape Loader, PC/TIN Loader and ODF Loader are data loading tools based on different existing open source and Oracle solutions.

PL/SQL packages

Various PL/SQL packages:  various tools have been developed to add functions to the database or to facilitate daily management of the project: 

  • The DDL package makes it possible to generate DDLs of the objects of the database to enable the creation of objects in other databases. 
  • The Dump package makes it possible to programme dumps and also to import existing dumps. It is also possible to work with portable table spaces.
  • The validation package allows Oracle Spatial validation. It is also available in DBAUTIL.
  • The 3D package allows 3D objects to be manipulated.
  • The coordinate systems package adds tools to manage and transform coordinate systems.

Packages for the Oracle geocoder

Two packages have been developed to make using the Oracle geocoder easier: 

  • The Oracle geocoder generation package integrates customer address data of any kind or Nokia Here or Tomtom address data to the Oracle geocoder. 
  • The Oracle geocoder test package tests the geocoding of a group of addresses simultaneously. This makes it possible to analyse the results of the geocoding, to understand why some addresses are not geocoded correctly and therefore improve the geocoder by adapting it to the addresses.  This package includes the GEO_LEVEL function, which simplifies analysis of results by showing the degree of precision with which an address in input has been geocoded.


For several years now, OSCARS has been developing Oracle APEX applications. Several of these are already available and they can be adapted to meet your needs. 
The OSCARS Apex Geocoder application loads Excel files for geocoding via the Oracle Spatial geocoder and they can then be downloaded locally for use as needed with the addresses and localisations updated.