Audit, expertise, helpdesk


OSCARS is recognised by Oracle University to give training courses connected with Oracle Spatial. We have an expanded catalogue of training courses and our only goal is to transfer our skills to you so that you can manage your projects and GIS data independently.

If, however, you feel you need our services, we can help you deal with more specific or ad hoc problems and, thanks to our privileged contacts with Oracle, we can ensure an operational, timely and relevant response. This expertise can generally be offered at a distance and can undoubtedly save you time, but also avoid losing face.


Improvement in use of your database

OSCARS can help you to improve the use of your Oracle database regarding availability, performance and security.



Federate your databases

OSCARS can help you centralise and mutualise your databases so that they overlap, allowing you to extract maximum riches and added value and thus, for example, facilitate decision-making within your organisation.

Strategy improvement

With you, OSCARS can define your future needs and goals and help you adopt the right strategy to achieve them.