Data interoperability


The presence of several recognised players in the GIS sector accustomed us in the past to make several databases and, a fortiori, ensure that several formats were supported. This required extensive material or human resources and skills to make sure they were all compatible.

That is now all in the past. Mutualising your data so that it can be exploited by the various professions involved in your business is a major advantage, plus the possibility of using it for decision-making is another strong point.  This doubtlessly creates new services and opens up new horizons.

OSCARS can help you

Single format storage

The interoperability of your data implies storage in a single format, accessible by the various GIS players but also its consolidation within an environment of demonstrated storage capacity, stability or sustainability.
Oracle and its component Spatial completely fulfil these requirements.



Reference database

Thanks to the expertise of OSCARS and the various professions of its employees, it can take on a federating role and help you establish a single reference database that can be accessed by the various players of the GIS market as well as by the various professions represented within your organisation.

Added value packages

Thanks to its added value packages, OSCARS can rapidly establish a certified reference database with you.



The interoperability of your data allows you to maintain your present tools, most of which are compatible with the Oracle format, and it also allows you to exploit your data more extensively. and get the most out of it.  This way, new services and horizons open up before you. 
So GIS can be used to support IT and decision-making.

Web services

OSCARS can also help you implement web services.