Functionnalities with a spatial component


OSCARS can help you integrate the geocoder, the routing engine, the linear referencing system (LRS) and the storage of satellite images (rasters) into your solutions!

Functionnalities with a spatial component

Oracle geocoder

The Oracle geocoder enables geocoding and inverse geocoding. Geolocalisation is a technique for attaching geographical references (longitude/latitude) to addresses.  Inverse geocoding means giving an address to geographical references. OSCARS can help you to implement and use this geocoder.



Oracle routing engine

The Oracle routing engine makes it possible to calculate an itinerary from a departure address to a destination on the basis of journey time or length.  OSCARS can help you establish and use this routing engine.

Linear referencing system

Linear referencing system (LRS) is a technique for localising objects along a linear feature (roads, rivers, pipelines, etc) using a measure. OSCARS can help you establish and use the linear referencing system.



Rasters are a matrix of cells organised in lines and columns. Each cell contains a value. OSCARS can help you store your rasters in an Oracle database and integrate them into your GIS.