Geo Intelligent Platform


GIP is a platform for acquiring and treating geolocalised data, allowing you to set off alerts in real time in response to previously defined spatial events.  You can define your own alerts and spatial events; this generates associated workflows that you can later activate or deactivate as and when you like. 

GIP is a generic, non-intrusive tool essential for relevant decision-making in real time, based on position and events, whether implemented or not.


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Different versions of GIP are currently being developed:

  • GIP Framework: generic platform to configure your spatial events with its own;
  • GIP Airports (B2B): specific platform for airport management (management of aircraft, management of ground crews, management of equipment available to travellers such as luggage trolleys etc). The POC of this platform is currently being developed. The video below is an example of the GOP Airports product in use; 

  • GIP in B2C:
    • Platform oriented for the users of certain shops to send them publicity in real time, based on their position. Users may nevertheless decide whether or not to receive publicity;
    • Web platform allowing users to define their own workflows on the basis of their needs (e.g., domotics).

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