Oracle support


On the basis of its expertise, various certifications and privileged contacts with Oracle, OSCARS can take charge of the installation, configuration, management and optimisation of your Oracle environments, from the simplest to the most complex.

OSCARS can also advise you during the analysis and implementation phases, as well as during migration of IT architectures that support these Oracle environments.

The multidisciplinary profile of our consultants allows them to carry out a dialogue without misunderstandings with IT architects, system administrators, Oracle database administrators and application administrators. They can also intervene in existing projects and take charge of management, migration etc. 

Other services supplied by OSCARS


Apart from the basic services, we can also carry out an audit of your existing databases and optimise them.



Archiving and storage

The value of your data is incalculable because it constitutes the kernel of your logical infrastructure. It's storage and sustainable availability must beone of your main concerns. Here too, we can help you implement a real archiving and backup strategy.


Don't be afraid of migrating your databases!  We can accompany you throughout your migration project by acting as the single point of contact between the various providers of your project.


Data transfer

Exchanging or transferring data between your test, validation and production environments should remain child’s play. Partially or completely replicating a base may seem complex, but OSCARS can show you how easy it can be, by making it simple and effective.

Our consultants are constantly looking for innovative solutions and they propose objective, realistic answers based on cutting edge technology. They construct your project with you but also, and above all, for you.  They can help you make it grow so that it becomes an essential player within your organisation.

We are proud of their professional integrity, because to us, customer satisfaction is not an empty expression. 

Finally, their transfer of competence is recognised by the majority of our partners and customers.