Our strengths


Demystify and reach your goals

We simplify and demystify. Our training courses will help you to understand your tools and use them better, in a world where it is often difficult to see clearly. We are a sort of thread leading straight out of the maze so you can reach your goals.

We are the sole point of reference that has logged the expertise of each partner, whether publisher, service provider or IT services company, and we provide the link between them.  We help you to maximise the potential of your GIS

Make your investment profitable

If Oracle has shaken up GIS by providing new standards and technologies, we invite you to shake up your habits by allowing you to maximise your investment in these technologies. We add specific data models to use the geocoder, the router, and the route network for vector and raster support data.  These solutions allow you to take the best advantage of the extreme riches of Oracle Spatial and your data.

We also help you implement new trends for the integration of GIS into the IT applications of your business by implementing the power of Oracle and Oracle Spatial in your solutions. We optimise the sharing of your data and make it compatible with your various tools. You can enhance your applications with rich data from different publishers and make it interoperable for everyone to use.

Finally, the range of courses we offer via ORACLE UNIVERSITY or through customised workshops can meet specific needs to enhance your knowledge. It is part of a global approach to support your GIS projects. Once you have achieved sufficient autonomy, you will be able to develop solutions and ensure their sustainability.

In conclusion, we help you build and manage your GIS project, anticipating its evolution with a long-term vision to help you maximise the profitability of your investment and reduce your costs.