Sustainable development


OSCARS provides a company philosophy that respects the environment and encourages all stakeholders on a project to prefer off-site work, at least when possible.

This is because we think it is not always necessary to be on site to do quality work.  We are convinced that human contact is essential, but we give priority to these contacts during the phases of evaluation, negotiation and validation.

The growing number communication methods available to us, and their increasingly sophisticated functions also argue in favour of this position.


  • Greater availability of our consultants for tasks that are essential for the construction of your project;
  • Better balance between professional and social spheres;
  • Reduction or better distribution of costs for all;
  • Bearing in mind the ecological aspect.

Communication and flow management charter

To this end, OSCARS is currently drawing up a communication and flow management charter between the various internal and external stakeholders. The objectives are, on the one hand, to define – together, and respecting the constraints of each person – the outlines of all services rendered and thus to assess the appropriateness of onsite or offsite services and, on the other hand, to encourage customers and partners to reflect and act in terms of sustainable development. We want to change attitudes in this regard.

Conference call

Apart from classic communication methods (telephone and email), OSCARS encourages the use of  methods like Skype, Wiggio and Webex, which make it possible to hold a conference call between various people or groups. Two hours’ journey for a meeting that rarely lasts more than one hour is nonsense, apart from being financially unprofitable.  
Screen sharing or document sharing is a technique that enables any meeting to be conducted as if all stakeholders were gathered in a single place.


Remote connection

When a logical connection is required in order, for example, to respond to a data model, to install and configure new features etc, we can either connect to the target network via the security procedures required by our customer (VPN secure, Token etc), or for smaller infrastructures with lower security levels, we can use remote control tools such as TeamViewer or LogMeIn.

Management tools

OSCARS also has internal management tools, which are configured so that all customers, using their own logins, will soon be able to access information about the management of their own GIS project, including documents, data, project support, development, etc. 
Like this, the information exchange channel is permanently open, providing relevant and effective management of the project at reduced cost.