OSCARS offers a series of training courses via Oracle University thorough e-learning or customised workshops to respond to specific needs and to extend your knowledge. These training courses will give you a clearer vision and help you understand and use your tools better. They are part of a global approach to accompanying your GIS projects. Once you have gained sufficient autonomy, you will be able to develop your solutions further and make them sustainable.

These training courses cover all aspects linked to Oracle and allied technology. OSCARS can give training courses on Oracle Spatial and Locator, on Oracle databases, on the migration of data to Oracle, on 3D management in Oracle, on the Oracle geocoder, on SQL language, on Oracle Application Express etc.

All these training courses can be given in either English or French. Just ask. Furthermore, OSCARS can offer training courses customised to meet your needs in addition to those listed below. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Concepts of Oracle database

3 days

Implementing Navteq ODF for Oracle

1 day or 2 days if installing ODF in live.

Oracle Spatial 11g Features

One-half to one day according to needs

Oracle Spatial Geocoder

1 day

Oracle Spatial GeoRaster

1 day

Oracle Spatial Network

1 day

Oracle Spatial Topology

1 day

Oracle Workspace Manager

2 to 3 days

Oracle Workspace Manager - Introduction

1 to 3 days according to needs.

Pro Oracle 3D 12c - Introduction

1 day for a general introduction, up to 3 days if exercises are included.

Spatial queries

1 day