Who are we ?


OSCARS is a specialised, innovative company in the Oracle technology sector, and its spatial component, which will enable you to federate data in your GIS, optimise it and make it profitable. OSCARS is recognised as a reference player by the international giant Oracle, which has given it several awards. OSCARS can help you optimise use of your GIS data, enabling you to increase returns on investments permitted in the IT sector.

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OSCARS, the cutting edge expertise of Oracle Spatial

OSCARS is composed of experts

OSCARS is composed of experts in all the products and various functions of Oracle Spatial such as the georaster, MapViewer/MapBuilder, topology, network, geocoding, routing engine, etc.


Indispensable link between the IT and GIS worlds

Olivier Dubois, the founder or OSCARS, embodies this expertise withmore than ten years of practice of operating Oracle and GIS products. He has become the point of reference and the indispensable link between the world of IT and that of GIS.

OSCARS, first certified partner worldwide of Oracle Spatial

"For us, Oscars is a partner that not only offers pan-European training courses in Oracle®Spatial and Graph, but has also developed pilot projects in cutting edge sectors such as 3D urban mapping or telematics", explains Hans Viehmann, Product Manager EMEA of Oracle Spatial and Graph.  "Olivier Dubois’ vast expertise, acquired during this experience, has placed him and his team in the front line for obtaining "Spatial and Graph Partner Specialization" certification. We are delighted to observe that Oscars is now the first partner in the world to have been awarded this certification!".


"Oracle Spatial Excellence Award" in 2012

In 2012, OSCARS was the first company ever to obtain the Oracle Spatial Excellence Award. It is also a partner of Oracle and holds several certifications, basing itself on the rich expertise of a group of Oracle Spatial specialists. It enjoys privileged contacts with the company Oracle. This close collaboration has also enabled OSCARS to be recognized as a major player in the sector of Oracle Spatial.

Oracle, major player in the IT systems sector

Oracle is widely recognised as a major player in the IT systems sector. This is because the Oracle database responds to all the needs of a high level professional GIS on account of its storage capacity, its management of very large quantities of data, and its sustainability. However, the full capacities of this tool are rarely used. Indeed, the rich panel of functions offered by Oracle can be intimidating by its apparent complexity. Consequently, OSCARS currently puts its expertise at the service of Oracle customers to help them optimise their tools by taking the shortest path in order to complete their projects while reducing their GIS management costs.


Our sole goal is to build your project with you and for you, and to ensure the transfer of competence in order to manage it.